Get Me Started classes

Register your interest today and get started in golf!

We are holding 1.5 hour 'Get me started' coaching sessions with PGA professional coach Bobby Walia. A fun and social way for women to learn and develop golf skills. The cost of the class is $10pp, which includes everything from an introductory coffee to golf clubs and balls.

Class itinerary:

  • Enjoy a social coffee at the Patio Bar whilst we introduce you to a new way to stay fit and learn golf.
  • Our PGA professional coach will then take you through light stretches and specific exercises
  • Discuss the basics of golf and what a good swing looks like
  • Take to the mats, have some fun hitting golf balls at a leisurely pace whilst the PGA profession offers up advice on individual swings
  • Enjoy playing some simple games with your fellow participants like longest drive and nearest to the pin
  • Recap and cool down exercises

Find out what the participants thought and check out some pictures from the classes here.