Get to know Jason King, one of our Sydney Golf Academy coaches, and learn about the industry and listen to his tips and advice for anyone wanting to become a Golf Pro.


Hi, my name is Jason King

How long have you been playing golf

Got into the game with kids plastic kids clubs at the age of  6... so 33 years ago!

How long have you been coaching

I turned professional 16 years ago and coached for corporate and Pro-ams and clinics. I didn't start coaching full time until about 5 years ago after playing on tour.

What do you love most about Moore Park Golf

Moore Park Golf provides a great introduction to the game, free from the traditional stereotypes of golf, a relaxed dress code and a great social atmosphere. Moore Park Golf has built a great community that is very family friendly.

What is your favourite hole and why

I can't say I really have a favourite one, but the closing 5 holes really do highlight Moore Park Golf's unique location, reminding you that you're playing golf in the heart of a bustling city which is a rare experience anywhere in the world.

How would you best describe your coaching style

The best word to describe it would be 'Adaptable'... to me everyone is different with their abilities and expectations. As a coach I find myself constantly adjusting to best suit the individual.

Do you have a particular star pupil

I do teach a few Pro's and elite level amateurs but I would have to say I've been most impressed with a family of 6 that I started working with about six months ago who are all Moore Park Golf Club members. All of them have reduced their handicaps in this short space of time by between 4 - 10 shots. For me, this is why I coach, it is extremely rewarding to actually see peoples game develop and progress as they grow into the sport.

What is your most memorable golfing moment

My first big tournament as a professional in the 2002 Australian Open,  I held my nerve and putted for Eagle on the 18th hole to shoot 65 in the 2nd round. It  gave me the confidence to pursue a playing career in golf.

What is the best piece of advice you would give someone wanting to play golf

Understand that golf can be challenging for some people to begin with. However the rewards like playing with family and friends are life-long.

What is the best piece of advice you would give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps and become a Pro 

Golf is an individual sport so it's important to keep your head down, surround yourself with positive people, stay in the present and always drive yourself to do things better.