40 custom designed carts equipped with black seating, USB outlets, black outer trim and sliver rims are now ready for hire at Moore Park Golf.

At Moore Park Golf, we know how important it is to travel in style and comfort, which is why we are so excited to welcome 40, brand new, state of the art, RXV golf carts from E-Z-GO.

These custom designed golf carts definitely look the part! Each one is equipped with black seats and trimming, rain covers and two USB ports so your phone doesn’t run low when you are using the Moore Park Golf app.

The new fleet is powered by maintenance free Lead Crystal batteries (LC Tec), which have many benefits including:

  • Golf industry first - 5 year unlimited AMP hour warranty
    All vehicles come with an unlimited Amp hour 5 year warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring costly mid-term battery replacements are a thing of the past.
  • Play back to back rounds!
    If you really wanted, the LC Tec would let you play two games a day for 5 years with minimal degradation of the battery pack.

  • Zero maintenance
    LC Tec batteries don’t require the usual labour involved watering, cleaning reparing and terminal check-ups every 3 months as the standard lead acid batteries used at most other golf courses do.
  • Excellent efficiency
    LC Tec batteries provide far superior on-course efficiency when compared to standard lead acid batteries.
  • Eco-friendly technology
    The batteries use 99.97 % pure lead plates and do not contain acid, cadmium or antimony resulting in more green solution.

“Creating power that is cleaner, safer and long lasting for a better future.”