NOTICE: Turf and Greens Renovations

As of Monday 3rd September 2018, turf and greens renovations will commence on the course.

  • Fairways - Vertidraining starting on Monday 3/9, will take all week.
  • Greens  -  Coring on Monday 3/9 (cleanup process throughout the day). Topdressing (soil) on Friday 7/9 and Friday 14/9. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be work but minimal impact on golfers (ie – dethatching, fertilising, etc)
  • Tees  -  Coring on the Monday 3/9 afternoon or Tuesday. Cores will be left on surface to dry, we will then oversow with seed and fertilise, then rub cores back in and topdress if required (possibly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • There will be some bunker work that week as well that will impact golfers (minor upgrade work on 1st bunker – drainage repairs, 10th bunker leftside – edging work, 12th greenside bunker – edging work)

For more information please contact Golf Shop staff on (02) 9663 1064 or email