Donald Trump - The Golfer

New US President, Donald Trump, is a man of many amazing boasts with an expanding collection of courses and resorts; he has become a real player not just in politics but the golf industry also.

It’s no secret President Trump is an avid lover of the game, currently owning 17 facilities with the likes of Doral, Turnberry - which has hosted four British Opens, plus two courses in Dubai, to name but a few.

Trump has grand plans for his involvement with the game. He wants his courses to host major championships; Trump National in Bedminster has been awarded the 2022 PGA Championship. Trumps name is included in Bedminster, with the list of club champions, recognising his hole-in-one on the 12th hole.

 “I know how to win. I’ve won many club championships. It’s not easy to win club championships, believe me.” - So, it seems his game is decent too!

Trump lists his handicap as 2.8 on the US Golf Association’s Golf Handicap and Information Network, making him a very good golfer, probably even more so for someone who is 70.

It has taken him a while to get 20 rounds; he didn’t post any scores in 2010, and entered only two in 2015. Of those 20 scores, 10 ranged from 70 to 79, and 10 ranged from 81 to 86.

The sceptics will be asking, yes, but are they legitimate? Well, whispers of rule-bending have followed Trump. A story referenced in an interview with Alice Cooper from 2012, in which the rockstar – a regular golfer who is no stranger to Moore Park Golf (insert picture). Was asked a question about the worst golf cheat he had ever played with, to which he answered “I played with Donald Trump one time, that’s all I’m going to say.”

So, it seems as with Trumps political presence, there is definitely some obscurity around his golfing clout.