A little-known fact about Moore Park Golf Course is that when its doors were opened in 1913, it became the first public access golf course in NSW. Since then, Moore Park Golf Course has prided itself on being one of the most accessible courses for the public and the local community, ensuring golfing in Sydney remains a fun and enjoyable experience for players of all abilities.

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Moore Park Golf Course Map

Hole 1

An inviting opening hole. A drive down the centre or right hand side will give you a clear shot to the large green guarded by a bunker short right. The green is fairly flat with a little rise on the back left corner.

Pro Tip: With your second shot, it is slightly uphill so maybe take one extra club and play for the centre of the green.



Par: 4 398
Index: 2/21 378

Par: 4 330
Index: 4/24/45



Hole 2

A trickier hole than what may appear. Large green that is exposed to the wind so club selection here is important. There is a grassy hollow in the front of the green, which can make the green appear to be closer.

Pro Tip: Balls landing on the front of the green are at risk of rolling off into the grassy hollow, so don’t leave it short.



Par: 3 137
Index: 18/36 131

Par: 3 125
Index: 18/36



Hole 3

A tough dog leg to the left, the third hole requires an accurate tee shot to the middle or right side. There is a large fairway bunker protecting the right side off the tee so it is advisable to play short of this. This will leave you with a mid-iron into a relatively flat and unprotected green.

Pro Tip: Leave the driver in the bag off the tee and be a hero with your second. Birdie is still possible with a nice second.



Par: 4 382
Index: 7/26 333

Par: 4 305
Index: 10/29