How to get the most out of your practice sessions on the driving range with Bobby Walia.

Bobby Walia from Modern Golf, is a PGA accredited professional and one of our coaches at the Sydney Golf Academy. We recently sat down with Bobby to discuss his top tips on practice structure and how to get the most out of your sessions on our newly renovated driving range here at Moore Park Golf... So what are Bobby’s Top Tips?


There are 18 new targets on the driving range, plus water hazards and bunkers too. So when you are practicing a shot, you should use all of these to challenge yourself. Aim for the targets, avoid the water and the bunkers. This will give you experience in dealing with real life course situations. The targets cover the whole range too, so don't feel like you have to plant yourself in the middle of the range and hit your shots as straight as possible. For example, base yourself all the way on the right hand side, and hit to all the targets right across the outer field. If you have time during your sessions, go to another side of the range and repeat the process as this changes the distances as well.


Instead of trying to hit the ball as hard as you can and as far as you can, try and spend a bit of time working on your game as well. This doesn't mean try to analyse every single shot and have a thousand swing thoughts before each swing, but aim to have a bit more purpose with each shot.

“I always like to have a practice swing before each shot, this helps to generate a feeling of what you should be doing when you actually hit the ball” says Bobby.


Once you have had your practice swing, try to replicate that same move but this time hitting the ball. You will start to generate more of a feel for the good shot but also have more of an understanding of why the bad shots happen. Most importantly, this helps you build a pre-shot routine you can take on to the golf course.


Don’t be too proud to hit off a tee, whether you are using irons or woods. This helps to build timing and sequencing and doesn't leave you feeling like you have to hit the ball as hard as possible. 

Hit a couple quarter swing, a few half swings and then finally a few full swings with each club and repeat the process. This will give you a lot more feel for your swing and more confidence when you are on the golf course.


Another great way to practice on the driving range is to imagine you are playing a round of golf.  After a few warm-up shots with a shorter golf club, use the golf clubs that you would use on each hole on the golf course. For example, Moore Park Golf's 1st hole, 378 metres, use a driver, followed by a long iron and maybe a chip. A short 2nd hole, use a 7 or 8 Iron and so on. 

Again, using the hazards and targets putting yourself under the pressure of being out on a golf course.

If you would like to get more out of your practice sessions on the driving range, why not book in for a lesson with Bobby or any of our other 9 PGA accredited professionals at the Sydney Golf Academy.